Organizing The Home Buying Experience

A productivity app that allows a complete collaboration between realtor and home buyer in one easy-to-navigate digital work session.


Realtors and homebuyers collaborating the home buying process in a common workspace.

Add it

Find homes by address. Use your MLS data or any online listing, and add it to a little thing we like to call "session."

Schedule it

Schedule ALL the homes you want tour in a calendar, task based system to keep it all organized

Map it

Easily map out the entire route for as many homes as you want to tour based on their scheduled tour times and locations. This feature is probably our favorite.

Tour it

After you've toured all the homes apply your own personalized notes for each listing so you can easily refer to them later.

Rate it

Did you like/ dislike the home? Give feedback to the seller. Let them know the issues you might have found with the home.

Share it

Share HouseThis app with your friends and colleagues and get a free month on your subscription for every one that becomes a member.


FREE for 30 Days!

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  • 1 Realtor $15/mo
  • Up to 5 Realtors $60 /mo
  • Up to 20 Realtors $200 /mo
  • Up to 100 Realtors $500 /mo
6 Months
  • 1 Realtor $72 /mo
  • Up to 5 Realtors $290
  • Up to 20 Realtors $999
12 Months
  • 1 Realtor $120
  • Up to 5 Realtors $500


I've been a realtor for 20 years and I've seen a lot of industry tools out there but nothing like this. From the very start I feel like I have complete knowledge of each of my clients needs and wants. We use the app to share homes back and forth until we find the homes they want to tour. In one single session im able to organize our plan of attack. The app really shows my client that not only am I'm working hard for them, but I'm working smart. Thanks HouseThis

Linda Donaldson – realtor

Before the HouseThis app I bought a home about 5 years ago and it was a communication nightmare; between text messages and emails back and forth between my realtor and I. I felt like I was missing that perfect home. Recently I just moved to a new home and my realtor had introduced me to the HouseThis app. The process for finding, mapping and touring and then even rating the home was so easy and streamlined. I have a history now of the entire process. Im thrilled my realtor introduced me to this.

Amy Smith- recent home buyer


Some stuff about how great this is.  


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